Kathryn Dallimore is a contemporary artist who works predominantly in sculpture, installation, and painting.

Kathryn completed her BFA at UNSW Art and Design in Sydney where she graduated with distinction in 2014. Some of her works completed as a graduate include Honey Installation (2014), and Critter Animalia (2014) exhibited at 'The Annual' UNSW end of year graduate show, November 2014.

In June 2015 she undertook a one month artist residency in New York at Arts Letters and Numbers (ALN) to further develop her practice. Final works developed at the residency include a light-performance piece titled Vertical horizons (2015) -  a collaboration between architect Elsa Mencagli, and artist Joey Pfeifer. The performance took place on the 9th July within the ALN Gallery space.

Her first solo exhibition took place in March 2016 at the Residencia Corazon Gallery space, in La Plata, Argentina. The exhibition, titled 'Fluorescent Dreams' is a body of work investigating the materiality of the synthetic and the artificial and whether a profound beauty and liveliness exists within these materials.

Kathryn currently lives and works in Melbourne.